Constructions of advertising stands

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Billboard constructions – We offer to buy various billboard constructions without printing. If you often change the design of the stand, it is not necessary to buy a new stand every time, but a printout of the stand. In case of questions, please contact us

Advertising stand Hop-Up – construction

Advertising stand Hop-Up – structure – Light structure that can be easily and quickly assembled, obtaining a completely unique design for your stand. The fabric is precisely stretched and fits the frame perfectly and stays in place when the frame is folded.

The Hop-Up stand is characterized by:

  • Print on thick banner fabric for bright colors and photo quality.
  • One-sided.
  • Lighting lamps can be purchased additionally.
  • Transport bag with wheels for easier transport – included.

In case of questions, please contact us

Advertising stand Pop-Up L-shape – construction

Advertising stand Pop-Up L-shape – construction – Advertising stand that presents information in an elegant and pop-up style.

The Pop-Up stand is characterized by:

  • Simple mounting system with magnets
  • The height of the graphic is approximately 2225mm
  • L-shaped
  • The shipping box includes a frame and one set of prints
  • In addition, the back can also be printed

– construction in size 3×3, 3×4 or 3×5
– fasteners and magnets
– magnetic tape for mounting the print

In case of questions, please contact us

Outdoor tasting table Outdoor – construction

Outdoor tasting table Outdoor – the structure is made of a light base with a rollable wall, which makes it portable. The upper information area makes you more visible. The base can be filled with water or sand for greater stability.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Made of modulated high density polyethylene and PVC material.
  • The surface of the table has recesses for water drainage.
  • Waterproof, strong and durable.
  • A transport bag for the base and upper information panel can be purchased in addition.

Watch the video here

Photo wall construction

Photo wall construction – a wall for photography – Suitable for various life situations – events, exhibitions, presentations, birthdays, competitions. Folding metal construction – frame, with a printed PVC banner. The banner is fastened with tensioners or tunnels. An economical, convenient, easy to transport and install advertising solution.

– Photo wall construction
– Tools for assembly

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Presentation table – construction

Presentation table – construction – A folding table is a good solution for tastings and promotional events. Advertising on the front of the table and on the top logo panel can be changed. There is a shelf inside the table. Recommended for indoor use.
– Color: white
– Material: plastic
– Assembly time: 5 min
– Weight: 9 kg


  • Folding table with shelf and logo panel
  • Bag for transportation

In case of questions, please contact us

Advertising stand Cassette RollUp construction with cassette

Advertising stand Cassette RollUp construction – an innovative solution from the series of Roll up stands. Now there is no need to buy a new design if we want to change the billboard print. We offer to use this simple and convenient solution.

  • Buy the complete billboard kit only the first time
  • The print is inserted into the cassette, which in turn is inserted into the base of the stand.
  • Need a new print? Replace only the cartridge
  • A convenient bag for transportation is included
  • Additional feature: The stand has an adjustable height