Double sided adhesive tapes

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Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape – The self-adhesive magnetic tape consists of a magnetic tape on one side and an adhesive tape on the other. It is widely used in trade, exhibitions, advertising and everyday. Removing the protective film and gluing the tape to any surface makes it simple and convenient to magnetize the object.

Price 0,95 €+VAT is for current meter. 

The roll is 27 t.m.

PET tape

This double sided tape consists of a polyester transfer film placed on both sides and treated with acrylic glue of  modified solvent.

It has a very good resistance to UV, high temperatures, chemicalssolutions and humidity. It sticks very well and has high resistance in contact with metal, varnish and high energy surfaces.

It has a good gluing strength even with lowenergy surfaces.

Silicone edge MOPP is placed inside the tape.

Velcro tape

Velcro tape – for various material joining and/or attaching things. Unique double sided tape is known by the manufacturers name VELCRO. It can be used to attach pictures without having to drill holes in walls and this tape can hold quite heavy frames in place without ruining your walls. You can make any room more interesting using VELCRO and a bunch of your favorite pictures. 

  • VELCRO can be used to fasten carpets to the floor
  • Attach tablecloths to tables,  hang tools to garage walls
  • Attach sitting pillows to chairs 
  • Attach smoke detectors to the ceiling 
  • A great way to cover up cables, external hard drives, disks and other hardware
  • Can be used to fasten bands, cables, etc. 


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  • With double sided adhesive
  • Soft or hard
  • Colors: black or white 
  • Width: 20 mm
  • Lenght: 25 m

* Price for one VELCRO roll

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