About us

SIA Mix Max started its activity since 2009. Over time, we have developed the company by offering our customers the best possible service in the industry. In our company, you will find goods and services for various industries. You can view our range of products in the section of the store where we have improved and created a more convenient shopping experience. Our team consisted of experienced project managers, production workers, designers and advertising specialists. You have the opportunity to consult with us to receive advice on the purchase of billboards, the installation of flagpoles, the production of exhibition stands and other matters of interest to you. You can view our services in this section.

We operate not only in Latvia , but also offer services in Estonia and Lithuania . We also offer our services and goods in other European countries. We are focused on development, we use modern and innovative technologies for printing and other services we offer .

If you want to contact us, visit the contact section , where you will find the Mix Max SIA team. We are ready to advise, help and advise you in all matters.

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