Layout and design development

Layout and design development – We offer a complete package. If you need an advertising stand, a poster, an exhibition stand or something else from our products , we will create a design for that too. We will take into account the brand identity of your company, if there is none, then we will offer […]

Lielformāta druka

Large format printing

Large format printing – Mix Max offers various solutions for printing advertising materials. Large format printing is possible in the sizes you need, as well as in any color range. Large-format printing materials can be laminated with a glossy, matte or semi-matte layer. Feel free to call or write an application.   Large format printing […]

UV Druka

UV printing

UV Printing – This printing technology is a type of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light. As the printer dispenses the ink onto the printed surface, the UV lamps dry the ink immediately. UV rays were originally used in beauty care, and ultraviolet light bulbs were used for industrial and commercial purposes. The sizes in […]

Izstāžu stendi un izgatavošana

Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands – We specialize in manufacturing various types of structures. There are often situations, wishes and spaces where it is not possible to adapt standard billboards or other constructions. That is why we offer individual solutions. We have a lot of experience in the production of exhibition stands and their assembly. Feel free to […]

- piedāvājam individuāla karoga izgatavošanu. Individuāli

Making an individual flag

Individual flag production – we offer individual flag production. Individual flags can be fan flags, flags of non-standard sizes, pennants. You can submit all the necessary information about the planned result. We will prepare design mock-ups, which we will initially coordinate with you before starting its development. The development of individual flags is possible on […]

Karoga masta remonts

Flagpole repair

Flagpole repair – If you have already purchased a flagpole, then you must have noticed that over time, it tends to show various damages. This is usually due to the weather. There are often various cases of vandalism. Whatever the reason may be, you can certainly contact us and apply for flagpole repair work.

Skrūvpāļi pamatiem un karogu mastiem

Screw piles for foundations and flagpoles

Screw piles for foundations and flagpoles – Screw piles have a very wide range of uses. They can be used in all types of soil – sandy, peaty, clayey soil and in areas with a high water level. Thanks to high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel S235, screw pile foundations are stable and safe. Feel free to […]

Karogu virtenes

Strings of flags

Flag strings – We will make flag strings according to your wishes. You have a choice of different shapes as well as materials. If you want to order flag strings, feel free to contact us by calling or writing an application. Flag Strings – Flag strings are commonly used to decorate various types of events. […]

Papīra karodziņi

Paper flags

Paper flags – we will make different types of paper flags. We offer to create flags from different types of paper. Paper flags can be of different sizes and contours. One-sided or double-sided printing is possible. Feel free to contact us by calling or sending an application. We will find the best solution for you […]

Individuālu projektu izstrāde

Development of individual projects

Development of individual projects – We offer various non-standard solutions, starting from the production of 3D foam letters, the production of various stands and constructions, the design of individual constructions at events. Take a look at the gallery, where you can see some of our works

Šūšanas pakalpojumi

Sewing services

Sewing services – Since we are the direct manufacturers of flags and all the flags we offer are sewn on site, we can also offer the development of individual orders. We can offer different types of fabrics, sewing non-standard sizes of fabrics. Contact us Sewing services We have significantly increased the flag making department, as […]

Auto aplīmēšana

Car wrapping

Car wrapping and sticker design development – Idea generation and design creation takes place according to your wishes and requirements. The designer uses a variety of techniques to realize this. Various graphic elements are used, such as lines, graphic drawings, image processing, combinations of different colors and color transitions. As well as placing the necessary […]

foto siena 8

Rental of goods

Rental of goods – We offer many goods also for rent. If you know that you will not need to buy an advertising board or other type of structure, then you can rent it. We will offer you individual rental prices, and many different solutions are available. Feel free to contact us by calling or […]

T-Kreklu apdruka

T-shirt printing

T-shirt printing and design – We will design and print a T-shirt according to your wishes. We offer Men’s T-shirts, Women’s T-shirts and Children’s T-shirts. You can view the latest designs here. You can choose a shirt of any color, size, as well as a graphic image that will be embedded in or on the […]

Iepakojuma izgatavošana

Packaging production

Packaging manufacturing – The packaging works first, then the product itself starts working. You will definitely agree that almost every item is packaged before we buy it. It is often the case that the product inside the package is of much higher quality than its packaging. In order for this not to happen, it is […]

Vizītkaršu un bukletu izgatavošana

Production of business cards and brochures

Production of business cards and booklets – We offer to make business cards for your business needs. Business cards can be printed on one or both sides. We offer different types of materials and shapes. We will also make an individual design according to your wishes and business specifics. We can also produce various other […]

Norāžu zīmes un sistēmas

Signs and systems

Directional signs and systems – We make directional signs as well as develop extensive indication systems. Signage systems are used in many buildings, offices and complexes where many different institutions are located, there are countless offices. We can make signage systems from different materials. It is possible to print signage systems using UV printing technology, […]