Advertising stands – design and production

Advertising stands – design and production

Advertising stands – design and production – We deal with advertising or any other informational materials on a daily basis. During our time at Mix Max, we have faced various challenges to create interesting and original billboard designs. Individual requests are rarer, but at least those who are looking know that everything is possible with us, of course there are exceptions.

What do you need to know if you want to create a billboard?

  • Where will the billboard be placed and when do you need it ready?
  • The allocated budget for the billboard
  • Stand design production and layout
  • Confirmation from you
  • Installation of design materials on the stand

Where will the billboard or billboards be placed and in what period of time do you plan to place it?

It is important to understand the area of ​​the place and the surrounding objects. If we want the advertising board to stand out and attract the attention of others, then it must be in harmony with the surrounding environment or space, of course, we can adapt the environment to the advertising board, but in some cases, it can happen, so to speak, “Salted”. We offer a space assessment from our side to recommend the best solutions. In case the distance between us and you is too big, then we provide instructions on what photos we need from your room.

What is your allocated budget for the billboard?

It’s very simple – you let us know how much money you want to allocate for the billboard and we will find the best solution. Similar to what Google does. Each Google Adwords client is the determiner of his own budget for advertising costs. More specifically, knowing the allocated costs makes it easier for us to offer from our product range. We are a friendly company and quality is important to us.

Advertising stand design production and layout

This stage of making a billboard is one of the most important, so to speak, the basis for the entire billboard. Although it is difficult to evaluate any of the positions as the most important or the least important, we still like to divide the development stage into segments. What is billboard design? In most cases, we use ready-made wall constructions and adjust the materials that bring the stand to life. It can be textile / fabric print, printed large format paper and also some non-standard materials. In order to develop a design, you need a vision of the desired end result, if you do not have such a vision, we offer design content from ourselves, based on your business, hobby or event, where the stand will be placed.


Once our designer has finished working on your billboard design, we send you an image for approval. If corrections are not necessary, the design mockup is transferred to further development.

Installation of design materials on the stand

As soon as the design materials with your approved design are ready, we install it on the billboard structure. We are doing a stand photo session at our office and invite you to come pick up the product.

Technical support

We deliver the billboards to you in assembled form. It is usually a portable bag that compactly includes the entire structure. After that, you assemble the stand already in your chosen place. If there are any complications or confusion with the assembly of the structure, we offer it from our side, coordinating before handing over the billboard. But don’t worry, if we haven’t coordinated this service, we will be happy to consult you remotely, answering all questions and giving practical advice.

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Advertising stands – design and production