The flagpole has long been an integral part of various types of buildings. As time goes on, flagpole technologies also evolve. Flagpole materials are tested and checked for durability, flexibility, and the duration of the poles’ wear and tear is tested. Mix Max has been cooperating with the best quality flag mast manufacturers “Vikingmast” for several years. Mix Max, as the official representative of “Vikingmast” in the Baltics, participates in the production process of flag masts, therefore it is able to provide high quality at favorable prices and without involving intermediaries.



What to do if you want to order a flagpole?

You must contact Mix Max: e-mail: or by calling +371 29299062. We will arrange a meeting with you at the place where you want to install flagpoles or one flagpole. If we talk about the prices of flagpoles, then they are more or less fixed, but if we talk about the installation costs, then they can be variable, because the place where the flagpole is installed tends to be different and to prepare this place it is necessary sometimes more or less time and materials.

The second case is if you are a representative of a construction company or an architect, then the processes should be clear and in this way you can choose to order a flagpole from us without installation, but we also offer a full service for professionals.

Ordering process: option a) – visit the link and choose the desired flagpole or several, add to the cart and place the order. You will not be asked for credit card information to place an order. The order is registered in our system and a Mix Max specialist will contact you to clarify the details of the order.

Option b) – You write an e-mail with a request for a flagpole and we contact you to clarify the details of the order and find the most advantageous solution for you. You can also call +371 29299062 and order by phone.

Check out the range of flagpoles offered by Mix Max:


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Watch the video:


Read the article about repairing flagpoles:

We offer the instruction manual for the flagpole: In this link you will find the PDF instruction, you can view it on the Internet or download it using the link