Individual advertising and design presentations

Individual advertising and design presentations


As you already know and we also know that everyday we also come across non-standard situations and original ideas, but when the time comes to implement them, these ideas often evaporate slowly in the air. Well, if we put it figuratively 🙂 A large part of our business followers, customers and also those who want to be customers, already know that Mix Max is capable of creating original and unusual advertising material solutions, interior designs and many other creative things. That’s right – things!!! We make your ideas into tangible things.


Check out some of our custom projects

Let’s mention the most popular example
Birthday events.

Birthdays have always been, are and will be one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. That is why friends, family and other acquaintances try to surprise the revelers as best they can. When your head is full of ideas, but you don’t have enough skills or you don’t have the relevant materials for implementation, then contact us, tell us your idea and we’ll get to work.

  • table cards with a unique design
  • paper flags with fun pictures
  • stickers by individual order
  • photo walls where you can take unforgettable photos
  • creative and original birthday invitations
  • individually designed posters


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