Large format printing

Large Format Printing – Large format printers are used to print banners, posters, merchandising graphics, wall paper, vehicle decals, electronic schematics, architectural drawings, building plans, theater and media posters, and any other large format material you can imagine.


Where does Mix Max use large format printing?

Large format printing is used every day. The material to be printed is not always large. They can also be stickers that are individually small in size but require a large volume. Then these stickers are assembled in the printer program in a layout that is 1.5 m wide and long, then it is determined automatically by the number of stickers themselves.



What is most often glued?

It is really impossible to answer this question. A lot of things are glued in different ways. The explanation is not far to seek, if we look around, we will definitely be able to find many surfaces with stickers on them. They can be explanatory stickers, stickers intended for presentation and other purposes.

Although if we separate the advertising industry a little, then large-format printing is widely used in the creation of various informative billboards.

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It will be difficult to list the types of advertising stands because both the modifications and their sizes are very different – we will list some examples for which stands large format printing is used.

Advertising stands Roll Up – This series of stands is one of the most popular. Almost every day, our large format printer is used in our production facility to print at least 30 prints, which are placed on one of the Roll Up stands. You can view the types of Roll Up stands we offer here

Photo walls – this product is widely used in public events. Photo walls are used as a background for photo sessions. The use of photo walls can also be a solution to hide interior imperfections or, on the contrary, to create a more appropriate event atmosphere. Check out the photo wall here

In the production of billboards, 99% of large-format printing is used for billboard prints. If you also need large format printing services – Contact us


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