Large format printing technologies

Large Format Printing Technologies – Large format printing is a printing process that creates very large images, posters, signs, or other types of graphics on a large scale. Large format printing is often used in outdoor advertising, such as printing on large billboards, banners, vehicles, etc.

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Large format printing – main technologies:

  • Large format inkjet printer – such large format printers use ink and can print on various surfaces – fabric, paper, etc.
  • Latex printing printer – a more environmentally friendly alternative that uses a water-based tincture.
  • UV printers – UV drying ink and UV light radiation are used to quickly dry the print on various surfaces.
  • Solvent printing printer – uses tincture mixed with solvents.
  • Large format printing is often used in billboards, signs, exhibition stands, vehicle printing and various other places where large format graphics are required.

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In what cases is large format printing technology required?

Large format printing technology is needed in several cases:

  1. Outdoor advertising
  • Large outdoor billboards, signs, banners
  • Advertisements on building walls, fences
  • For vehicles – printing on cars, buses, etc.
  1. Exhibition equipment
  • Large stands at exhibitions, photo walls
  • Screens, billboards
  • Floor stickers, ceiling panels
  1. Decorations, design
  • Printing of large interior images, photographs
  • Print of fragments on furniture, walls
  • Display window design
  1. various events
  • Decorations on a large area at seminars, festivals
  • Printed fabrics, panels at event venues
  1. Marketing materials
  • Large billboards, posters, etc. making

In general, large format printing is necessary in all cases where very large, high-resolution graphics or images in huge sizes on various surfaces are required.

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Large Format Printing Technologies – How are design files prepared for a large format printing printer?

In order to prepare design files for a large format printing printer, it is important to meet several conditions:

  1. File resolution: File resolution should be high enough, usually at least 150-300 dpi (dots per inch) for the finished print size. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality.
  2. Color mode: Large format printing usually uses CMYK color mode instead of RGB mode, as it allows for more accurate representation of colors in the printing process.
  3. File format: The most suitable file formats are PDF, TIFF, EPS, AI. They better keep text and lines sharp.
  4. Adding overlaps: If the design contains several panels that will be joined together, it is necessary to add overlaps along the edges (about 5-10 cm).
  5. Respecting the printing space: You must take into account the printing spaces of the specific printer so that the graphic does not go outside the printing area.
  6. Font conversion: To avoid font problems, it is recommended to convert them to outlines/objects.
  7. Coordination with the printer: Before handing over the file, it is advisable to coordinate with the specific printer on their requirements for file preparation.

A well-prepared file ensures high quality and eliminates problems in the large format printing process. Need large format printing? Contact us

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