Photo wall rental

Photo wall rental

photo wall rental – What is a photo wall, photo wall rental and for what purposes is it needed?

– The photo wall is usually used in various types of events.
– The photo wall can be made of different materials.
– Photo walls can be printed with any design you have in mind.
– Mix Max offers photo walls with different designs, adapting to the customer’s goals
– Unlimited sizes are possible for photo walls.

To give an example, photo walls are often used in the film industry, in front of which photos of celebrities are taken, but on the back of the photo wall there are various logos or the relevant theme, some need.


Photo wall applications:

  • at birthday events
  • at children’s parties
  • at social events
  • at work parties
  • at garden events
  • at press conferences
  • in presentations
  • in seminars
  • in the design of premises
  • in photo sessions
  • etc. places

Mix Max’s special offer is the rental of photo wall structures. You no longer need to buy a photo wall, which you may not have anywhere to put after the event, that’s why we create any structure, in any size.

Photo wall print material is not rented, as it is usually made to order. There are also exceptions, which is why we evaluate each situation to make it more beneficial for the client.

Choose the photo wall size, print and order now.

Remember, we are online, chat and place an order right away!

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