Facade and pole flags

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Flag holder for lampposts – Street Banner

Flag holder for lampposts – Lamppost flag holder is an effective solution for  advertisements on the streets. 

Set includes: 

  • poles (2 pcs.)
  • fittings (2 sets)

Printing available on textile or PVC banners.
Flag material: 100% poliester, 115g/m2, half-seethrough, on the other side the picture is seen in reverse.
PCV banner: durable material, 510g/m2, non-transparent, the other side is white. Double sided banners are created by sticking two printed banners together. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us 

Street banner/flag holder Mistral

Street banner/flag holder Mistral – As seen in the pictures, this type of banner/flag is easy attachable to lampposts or other types of poles. Individual design banners/flags and montage available.  We also offer coordinating the installation of flag/-s for a fixed time or permanently. 

  • Street banners are attached to lampposts or other poles
  • The banner/flag rotates in the wind
  • Print is made on a PVC banner or flag fabric
  • Banner/flag printing size: 800×1500 mm
  • Height of the pole: 800 mm

Price of  the banner/flag: 24 Eur+VAT

Material of the flag: 100% poliester, 115g/m2, half-seethrough,on the other side the picture is seen in reverse.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us