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MEGA SEG stand 100

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Ultra-light, modular system that folds without tools.
MEGA SEG stands out with its pre-assembled design that simply needs to be opened. Thanks to this mechanism, the entire product can be folded literally in a few seconds.
The print, which is attached with silicone tape, guarantees a quick and convenient installation of the graphic. Thanks to a specially designed frame, it is possible to put one graphic on several connected walls. The small folding size makes the whole system easy to transport and store.

Color – silver
Material – aluminum
Size – 100×200 cm
Profile width – 4.2 cm
Product weight – 2.1 kg
Package weight – 3.1 kg
Package dimensions – 28x9x108 cm

The set includes: MEGA SEG system 100×200, set of connectors (parallel – 4 pcs., top – 1 pc., bottom – 1 pc.), transport bag.