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Advertising stand X – Banner Premium with print

48,70 €40,25 + PVN

Ready for pickup / delivery within 1-2 working days

Advertising stand X – Banner Premium with print – Economical and convenient advertising solution. Very light but at the same time stable thanks to the X-type legs. Easy to replace construction prints without using additional tools.

  • Made of fiberglass and aluminum
  • Print size: 80×180 cm
  • Quick to install and transport
  • Black color
  • Printing on special “blockout” material

Advertising stand X – Banner set:

  • Mobile stand “X-banner”
  • Bag for transport for construction
  • Print on blockout material
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Layout preparation:

  • File upload formats for printing: TIFF / PDF
  • Color combination: CMYK
  • Size / scale: 1:1
  • Print file resolution of at least 150dpi or higher preferred
  • Files do NOT need cropmarks / cutting lines
  • Example: “MIXMAX_matetas uzlimes_210x297mm_10gab.fiff”
  • Files can be saved and sent via