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Fiberglass flagpole BANNER LIFT LOCK

Ready for pickup / delivery within 1-2 working days

Fiberglass flagpole BANNER LIFT LOCK – We offer fiberglass flagpoles manufactured in Sweden in heights from 6m to 12m. Masts are available both in STANDART package and equipped with additional elements and functions – Winch, Banner Bar and BANNER LIFT. BANNER LIFT masts are equipped with a horizontal shoulder-type rod, which ensures the fixation of the flag in a vertical position, even in adverse weather conditions. Unlike the BANNER BAR set, the BANNER LIFT provides the possibility to lower the flag down with the help of a lowering mechanism integrated into the mast, without the need to move the mast to a horizontal position. The LOCK will provide the ability to close access to the flag lowering cable. We offer the possibility to order masts also in individual colors, choosing any shade from the RAL color system catalog.

MIX MAX provides a full range of services – we advise, sell, deliver and install. We also carry out mast mechanism maintenance, repair and hull cleaning.


  • fiberglass flagpole (white)
  • concrete base and fasteners
  • BANNER LIFT shoulder bar
  • LOCK lock with key
  • tip – gold, silver or white

Customers who entrust the delivery and installation of masts to us will receive a Latvian flag as a gift! davana karogs