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Cafe set

Ready for delivery/receipt in 3-5 days

Cafe set – Cafe set is a great promotional tool that allows you to create a separate space in a restaurant, cafe or shop. This feature makes the set very popular, especially for those who create outdoor gardens.
The stainless steel and aluminum construction guarantees product stability and high quality. On the other hand, chrome, gold or black color gives it a very luxurious look. The design can be printed on a fabric or mesh banner and installed in seconds. All these features make the offered product an interesting advertising tool to use in the long term.

Product advantages:
– allows you to create a separate room
– construction made of stainless steel and aluminum
– simple assembly

Available colors: gold, black, chrome.
Material: Steel, aluminum
Product weight: 15 kg
Diameter of the upper bar: Ø 3 cm
Upper bar weight: 0.9 kg
Base width: 32 cm