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Movable information stand MULTI

Free-standing, moisture-resistant and easy-to-move information stand MULTI. It will fit wonderfully in the entrance hall of your restaurant/cafe or on the summer terrace. The non-standard size and the elegant design of the stand will ensure that your offer catches the attention of passers-by.

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Movable information stand MULTI

  • freestanding information stand
  • easy to move, equipped with wheels
  • lockable, with opening protective glass
  • moisture resistant
  • easy to reinforce information with the help of magnets
  • it is possible to place up to x8 A4 format pages


Color Black
Overall width 598 mm
Total height 1660 mm
The visible part 420 x 1202 mm
Weight 14.6 kg
Package dimensions 507 x 53 x 673 mm / 16.6 kg