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Lightbox X Pop-up

Ready for pickup / delivery within 5-10 working days

Ready for pickup / delivery within 5-10 working days

The light box X Pop-up stands out for its quick and tool-free assembly. The design of the product is designed as a pop-up system, which allows it to be installed and assembled in one fluid movement. No need for additional tools or to rely on instructions for use.

LED diodes are installed on the sides of the frame, which ensure accurate lighting of the print. For an even better effect, the stand has a backlit type material. It provides good light dispersion, resulting in an even illumination of the print.

The light box X Pop-up print is made using the sublimation technique. It is not only ecological, but also a very accurate method.

The light box can be reprinted, so if the brand’s visual identity changes over time, you simply need to purchase a new print.

  • the structure is ready, it does not need to be assembled,
  • Eco-friendly sublimation printing,
  • Material with backlight,
  • The construction is made of aluminum and plastic,
  • LED lighting,

Size: 100×200 cm