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GS Pillar M ⌀ 76 – 800 mm

M-profile screw piles are a very efficient and versatile solution for creating foundations in various construction and infrastructure projects. They provide a fast, stable and economical alternative to traditional foundations. The top of the screw pile has a flat hexagonal base with a thread in the center, which is designed to fasten the structure to the screw pile, and can also strengthen supports and various transitions. M-profile screw piles have very wide application possibilities and are especially suitable for terraces adjacent to the house. These foundations provide excellent stability and durability, which is essential for a terrace to be safe and long-lasting without major maintenance.

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The M-profile screw pile has a flat hexagonal base on top, on top of which the supports can be attached. With M-profile screw piles, a flat construction surface can be obtained, even in very difficult terrain conditions.

This type of screw pile is widely used in the installation of solar panels, fences, footbridges and temporary structures. Screw piles not only replace traditional concrete foundations, but are also useful in large structures, as well as for patios and road signs.

Installing screw piles is a very simple and quick process. They can be screwed in with a metal rod, using it as a lever, or using the special tools we offer. The use of screw piles is much cheaper than the construction of traditional foundations, and they can be dismantled in a short time and reused.

Not only do they replace traditional concrete foundations, but they are useful for building large and long structures, such as paths and terraces. Thanks to high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel S235, screw pile foundations are stable and safe. There is no more need to damage your lawn by digging holes, concreting foundations and calling in heavy machinery.

Diameter 76
Thickness 2
Length 800
Connecting screws M16
Weight (kg) 3.8