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Inflatable gate Air Triangle

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Inflatable gate Air Triangle – innovative inflatable advertising gate that provides visibility during outdoor events such as games, festivals, marathons or concerts. The gate is designed using an innovative technology that does not require a constant air supply to maintain a stable shape. Just inflate the advertising gate once before the event and it will be ready for use.
The Air Triangle advertising gate does not require a connection to an air compressor, which gives more freedom in its placement. Thanks to the valves located in several parts of the structure, the assembly and disassembly of the gate takes place quickly and without tools.
Made of waterproof polyester fabric for attractive appearance, durability and weather resistance. For your next event, simply order a new graphic without buying the entire structure. This makes the Air Triangle inflatable goal an investment that lasts for years and can be used for multiple events.


  • inflatable design;
  • the design maintains a constant pressure at all times;
  • the gate does not need to be connected to an air compressor (power supply);
  • several parts of the structure have valves for inflating/deflating the gate;
  • assembly and disassembly do not require any tools;
  • any color print on waterproof polyester fabric;
  • reusable system, possibility to print one structure several times;
  • the set includes the necessary accessories, pins 8 pcs. (4 pieces for each leg).

Dimensions and weight:

  • height: 450x680x60
  • weight: 24.5 kg
  • material: PVC, polyester