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Airdancer is a seemingly simple advertising solution that hides incredible power and efficiency. These playful, fantastic figures dancing in the wind attract attention and hypnotize the audience. Equipped with a small fan, but with high power, they please the eyes with bright colors.

You can choose the base color from the color palette attached in the gallery (specify in the comment when ordering).

Ready for delivery in 12-14 days

Attached documentation


  • airdancer,
  • Fan 230V (one or two),
  • Instruction.


  • It is possible to choose a version with one or two legs;
  • When assembled, it will not take up much space, so it is particularly convenient for transportation;
  • Airdancer can stay on all day and all night;
  • Airdancer requires a constant power supply, it must be permanently connected to electricity;
  • Airdancer is relatively loud, but there is no other solution that can get your attention better!
  • Airdancer is 100% printable, giving you a large advertising space.


  • Standard dimensions (total height) 4 to 6 meters;
  • Available models 1 leg and 2 legs;
  • Handle diameter 20 cm;
  • “Body” diameter 44.5 cm (at the base), 34.5 cm (at the top);
  • Air flow adjustment with cords on the arms;
  • Printing technology – sublimation on white material;
  • Made of durable nylon material.