Rental and production of photo walls

Rental and production of photo walls

Photo wall rental and production – Mix Max offers to purchase a photo wall structure and also a print. We can offer the production of a photo wall of any size. If you are planning an event, conference or other type of event, then it is worth thinking about placing a photo wall in it. Photo walls are most often placed at business conferences or seminars, where well-known companies or individuals spoke. At the photo wall, in turn, pictures are taken, which are published in various media, social sites or other public resources.

Place an order

You have the opportunity to receive a consultation before placing an order to clarify the process and nuances of creating a photo wall. A photo wall is the perfect solution to make the event more interesting and memorable for event visitors and organizers alike.

By ordering a photo wall from us, you have the opportunity to receive:

  • Uniquely designed photo wall
  • Simple and also complex constructions
  • Photo wall for rent
  • Photo wall installation and delivery, as well as dismantling
  • Convenient payment methods
  • PDF catalog

Contact us and let’s make sure the event is a success together!