Car wrapping and Design

Car wrapping and Design

Car stickers – Nowadays, advertising on cars is commonplace. Maybe we don’t notice it, or the ads are too ineffective, or some other reason. Car wrapping is a very popular thing. On an average month, almost 4100 people search for this service on Google.

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Why do many people sticker their cars?

There are many more than one answer, but let’s choose from the most popular ones, then in the first place we have advertising. Cars are pasted with symbols, images, and textual information of a specific company to attract the attention of other drivers. This type of advertising is profitable and effective if properly designed and placed.

The second most popular way is stickering the car, because we want to beautify it, draw attention to it, or show something to others in any other way, or we do it ourselves for fun.

The third most popular way is to wrap the entire car body. Today, it remains quite a popular way if we want a more exotic color for the car that would be difficult to paint or the cost would greatly exceed the budget.

Car wrapping and Design – What should we do if we want to wrap our car?

Before you take your car to the sticker, it would be better if it is more or less clear what we want to depict on the car. In the presence, the place or several places that will be covered are measured, and all the information is clarified so that the designers can prepare the mock-ups. There are cases when the client has prepared the layouts himself and entrusts professionals only with gluing.

So then:
1. What information will be on the car?
2. In what size and exact places where the sticker will be glued?
3. Is the sticker mockup already ready?

Where to go if we want to sticker the car?

Mix Max has been dealing with advertising materials, including car stickers, for many years. As it was already mentioned above, what needs to be done if we want to wrap the car, then you can realize both the design development and the wrapping process itself with us.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the NS King car was wrapped.