Fabric printing – billboards

Fabric printing and how it is used in the advertising industry.

Fabric printing – In today’s technological era, some may think that it is practically impossible to come up with something new, but as we have already convinced ourselves, and certainly you too, innovative and useful things appear every day.

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Let’s look at the side of the advertising industry related to this.

In the 21st century, many different technologies are possible that can be used to print countless types of fabrics. Almost all colors and their combinations can be printed on fabric. There are also many ways in which the print is transferred to the fabric. It can be fusing method, sublimation method, embroidery method and many more.


Advertising constructions with fabric prints.

Now, if we can call it that, is the age of exhibitions. Every year, many large, medium and small companies participate in international and domestic exhibitions. As you already know, if you have been to an exhibition, then an exhibition place alone is not enough for a participant. In order to attract the attention of visitors, each participant has taken care of the design of their place and the image of the company. There are many different ways to design exhibition stands, but one of the most effective ways is to use advertising stands that are covered with fabric.


Fabric printing and advertising billboards – This type of billboards guarantees the attention of visitors and, in our opinion, also guarantees the start of a successful conversation. Why?


Fabric billboards are an innovation by their very nature, because society has some accepted standards and maybe even old-fashioned beliefs that printing can only be done on paper or other similar material, but no.

The truth is that a large number of entrepreneurs who hold corporate events or take part in exhibitions choose fabric stands. We don’t even have to tell you why it is beneficial, because every businessman who keeps track of his expenses understands that buying such a stand will save money if we look a step ahead in the future.


Fabric printing – Benefits:

  • A billboard with a fabric print attracts much more attention

  • Fabric prints can be easily removed and, if necessary, washed, ironed and used again at another exhibition, without losing the vividness of the color

  • Up to 97% reduced probability that the fabric billboard will have to be thrown out after one event due to defects.

  • Easy assembly, disassembly and storage.

  • Sow to change prints without repurchasing the design

  • Billboard models are possible, which can be supplemented with new sections an unlimited number of times.


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What you should know if you want to develop a textile billboard

Printing techniques are many and varied, as well as the preparation of the necessary design files for these different techniques differs. In some cases, design layouts require allowances, others cut lines, or indicate locations for fasteners.

Our team will discuss all the details and nuances with you before making the billboard, thus achieving a perfect solution.