Fiberglass flagpoles Mix Max

Fiberglass flagpoles.

Fiberglass flagpoles – Mix Max is one of the largest producers of advertising, flags, billboards in the Baltics.
In this article, we will tell you in more detail about the wide selection of flags and flagpoles.

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Mix Max is the only official representative in the Baltics for flag masts from Sweden’s Vikingmast
These flagpoles are made of fiberglass, and flagpoles of other materials are also available. Aluminum flagpoles from the Russian manufacturer SKY POLE

Mix Max offers the opportunity to buy flagpoles in different sizes:
1. 6 meters
2. 7 meters
3. 8 meters
4. 9 meters
5. 10 meters
6. 12 meters
7. Non-standard orders over 12 meters

Last year, 2015. In 2008, Mix Max implemented more than 90 projects related to flagpoles, a total of 170 fiberglass flagpoles were sold.

Our flagpoles are installed at Melngalvja House, the new residence of the President, Valmiera Olympic Center, various shopping centers, schools, new and renovated buildings all over Latvia.

Flagpoles are made of special granules and consist of 12 layers of glass fiber mesh.
This technology guarantees the flexibility of the flagpole in strong winds, and if the flagpole receives an impact, it will not break completely, but will only bend at the point of impact, thus guaranteeing the safety of the people nearby and will not cause damage to other buildings or other nearby objects.
“Vikingmast” flagpoles have been produced for almost 69 years, so the quality is indisputable.

Installation and delivery:
Mix Max offers installation of flags at the location you specify. We deliver flagpoles from 6 meters to 12 meters on working days from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If the flagpoles have a non-standard size order, it will be delivered by special transport. In cases where the flagpole is longer than the length of the object permitted by law to be transported during the day, then the delivery takes place during the night.

We offer mast installation.
Flagpoles must be attached to a specially created concrete base or an existing concrete base. The depth of the concrete base depends on the length of the mast. If the length of the mast will be 12 meters, then the thickness of the base should not be less than 1.5 meters in depth. Correspondingly, the concrete bases may be shallower for masts of smaller sizes.

Flagpoles are available in various packages. Masts have a choice of three different flag hoisting mechanisms. The masts also have additional accessories that ensure the flag flies even in windless conditions. The flagpole can be ordered in the desired colors. If you choose a specific color instead of the standard white, then such masts are specially colored during their production process, as individual white masts are not painted.

If you have any other questions, contact our specialist by calling +371 29299062 or by writing to

Want to buy a fiberglass flagpole or learn more? Click here

Read the instructions for use and maintenance of the flagpole

Video – Installation of the flagpole

Maintenance of flagpoles near Riga Castle: