Fiberglass flagpoles, who makes them, how they make them, how to install them – Did you know?

Fiberglass flagpoles – Did you know?

Fiberglass flagpoles – Flags, flagpoles and their installation – How much do you know about this topic? Quite an everyday thing – flagpoles, in which the flag is flying. Have you ever wondered how they get to where they are, who makes them, how they are made, who installs them and who raises the flag?

We will tell you!

1. Who makes flagpoles?

Today, there are many flagpole manufacturing sites and companies. Some of them specialized in the production of one type of masts, for example fiberglass flagpoles, while there are companies that offer a wider assortment: aluminum, mobile masts, telescopic and other types. Mix Max is one of the most popular and profitable distributors. We are the official partner of the Swedish flagpole manufacturer NORDMAST and offer a guarantee of up to 25 years. We have installed more than 350 flagpoles throughout the territory of Latvia, as well as in our neighboring countries in Lithuania and Estonia.

2. How are fiberglass flagpoles manufactured?

Various fiberglass fabrics and chemicals, mainly resins, are taken to make a flagpole. When this mass is created, then paint is applied. Basically, flagpoles are white, but any color from the RAL catalog can be achieved as needed. Read more about RAL here

The prepared mass is placed in a special form. In this form, there is a flexible element along its entire length, which is inflated to the diameter of the desired flagpole.

The flagpole achieves its hard and durable, flexible consistency as a result of heating up to 50 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the mast is kept for 1.5 h, and after this time it is cooled for one day.

Up to 8 flagpoles can be made in one form within 12 hours.

Some facts:

The longest mast that was made in Sweden – 36 m (consists of 3 parts)
The longest mast in Estonia – 18 m (consists of 2 parts)

The production technology in Sweden is 50 years old, which is constantly being improved,
The oldest flagpole still standing is 50 years old

3. How is the installation of the flagpole?

Most often, flagpoles are installed by a professional and certified team, but there are some cases when the owners of the house undertake to install the poles for private houses. The process of installing a flagpole is not as complicated as it might seem. Let us tell you how it happens if the customer chooses to have the mast installed by specialized workers. Initially, it is determined what length of mast is needed. The length of the mast is important in order to create the next stage – the base. To prepare the base, a hole is dug, at the appropriate depth and width for the length of the mast. Once the pit is prepared, it is filled with concrete mixture and left to harden for up to 2 weeks. 2 weeks is the recommended time, but there are cases when it is possible to perform the installation even faster.

instrukcija betonesanai

When the concrete has hardened, we can raise the flagpole and hang the flag on it.
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