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Flagpole repair – In this article, we will tell and share our experience about flagpole repair and what problems are most often encountered by flagpole owners. The company Mix Max, Ltd. has been a leading leader in the sale of flagpoles, their installation, as well as technical service for several years. Mix Max collaborated with one of the best flag manufacturers in Sweden, Vikingmast. As many already know, “Vikingmast” and, in turn, Mix Max, guarantee a 15-year warranty for flag masts and a long warranty for the technical maintenance provided to flag masts.

What do flagpole owners often face?
1. Damage to the flag raising mechanism.

This point could be quite controversial, because often, flagpole owners try to shift the blame to the suppliers. Of course, we emphasize the fact that the guarantee of the flagpole is 15 years, but unfortunately this guarantee applied directly to the flagpole itself, which does not include a guarantee for its components and accessories.

From the outside, it might seem that a flagpole is just an ordinary pole fixed in the ground, but of course it is not. There are relatively many components of a flagpole and everything gets old or wears out with regular use. The most common problem with flagpoles is in the flag hoisting mechanism.
It is less common in cases where it is done by hand, when the string that raises the flag is outside and the flagpole is without a lifting mechanism.

More often, the problem and damage is in cases where

when a hoisting mechanism with a winch is used. This mechanism is much more convenient and functional, and also makes the mast itself visually more laconic and clean, since there are no extra elements on the outside.

In essence, this flagpole hoisting mechanism is very durable and of high quality, but in 99% of cases, the fault of this mechanism is the fault of the person who uses this mechanism to raise the flag. It is very important when raising the flag to do it right.

If we want to raise the flag on the mast, then we turn the winch clockwise, if we want to lower it, then in the opposite direction.

Here will be a short video tutorial: Flagpole repair


Another relevant, but not so common, problem is when a mechanism is used when the flag is raised by hand on the mast. At this hoist, the string is outside the flagpole. In our latitudes, the weather conditions are changeable – rain, heat and even strong frost. Flagpoles are not installed only for one season, but for several years, so when the string is outside the flagpole, it naturally wears out. There is no real solution to this problem to protect against wear and tear, but the solution is to replace this string here. Of course, we do not recommend doing it yourself, but calling our service.

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The appearance of the flag will also be relevant to this topic. We already mentioned before that the weather conditions are variable and not only affect the wear and tear of the elements of the flagpole, but also the flagpole itself remains dirty. Our flagpole service provides flagpole restoration. We use special cleaning products that make flagpoles look like new.
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