Beach flag shapes

Making beach flags

Making beach flags – We offer to make beach flags. Beach flags are available in many different shapes, sizes, as well as the possibility to develop an individual design.

Application of beach flags:

  • Sports Games
  • Entertainment events
  • On the beach
  • Wedding
  • In seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • And the list could go on and on 🙂

The use of beach flags is very wide and in principle there are no restrictions on their use. Beach flags are available in various modifications adapted to changing weather conditions. Beach flags have different bases that you choose depending on the type of event and the environment in which the flag will be placed.

If you are planning an event, regardless of its theme, we recommend buying basically 2 beach flags, it will definitely create a better atmosphere in the room or in the design of an outdoor event.

Making beach flags
Mix Max flags are sewn on site in a special production room. We have the ability to sew not only beach flags, but also regular event flags, national flags and other types of flags.
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We also offer other types of flags

Individual flags
Individual flags are made to order. The client has concretely clear wishes regarding the end result. Most often, they are non-standard solutions. Non-standard solutions included different shapes, special design, non-standard fasteners, non-standard materials or other features that are usually discussed orally or electronically before the flag is made.

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National flags
From us, you can buy a flag of any country, in any size, as well as choose a suitable material. We have national flags available for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Car flags
As we already know, nowadays there are fans of different car brands. Clubs, face-to-face parties and gatherings, as well as drive-throughs are being created. Large, small and individual flags are attached to the cars. Mix Max has all the necessary fasteners for car flags. As well as the possibility of creating an individual car flag according to your drawn design or your idea and our drawn design.

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