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OLFA knives – blades – We are not only producers of advertising materials and an agency, but also an assistant to many other businessmen on a daily basis. We would like to share information about Olfa knives and about the wide assortment that can be found in our store. View

OLFA knives

The history can be traced back to 1956. in Osaka, Japan. OLFA blades were invented by two brothers – Yoshio Okada and the younger brother Saburo. Both brothers worked in printing companies and used razor blades to cut paper. Razor blades quickly wore down and became dull in order to perform quality duties and produce quality orders.

The brothers invented a blade that was divided into segments, thus improving the full use of the blade. When a segment of the blade wore out, it was simply possible to break it off, and at the place of the break, the blade was like new and could continue working. With this invention of the two brothers, the production of this type of blade began in several companies and radically changed the way of working in the respective industry all over the world.

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Back to the present, offers the widest range of OLFA knife mechanisms, blades and accessories. OLFA knives and blades with their universal application serve not only as an assistant in the everyday life of advertising producers, but also in construction, various handicrafts, cutting small parts.

It is impossible to compare the quality of OLFA knife blades and the entire mechanism with an ordinary paper knife. An ordinary knife breaks or becomes dull after just a few uses. For ordinary knives, the blade often breaks between the places of the separated segments, or when cutting a harder or thicker surface, the mechanism of its holder breaks.

When working with OLFA knives, you can forget about these types of problems.

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