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Light box SMART

Set price includes x2 textile prints
In the “print only” variation, the price is indicated for x1 print.
Discounts available when purchasing x2 new prints.
Ready for pickup / delivery within 5-10 working days

Light box SMART

  • Freestanding construction, with double-sided printing
  • Quick and easy to attach textile prints
  • High-quality, environmentally friendly sublimation printing, up to 1440dpi
  • A frame of PVC polymer profiles can be assembled without tools
  • Profile width – 12cm
  • Economical OSRAM LED lighting integrated into the frame profiles
  • Easy to move, compactly foldable light box
  • Especially suitable for exhibition use
  • It is possible to connect finished frames with special connectors (side by side and at a 90 ° angle)
  • The set includes a bag for transporting the frame and prints


  • width: 100|200|300 cm
  • height: 200|250 cm
  • weight: 11|23|25 kg

Print features:

  • flexible polyester textile
  • sublimation printing, up to 1440dpi
  • bright colours
  • silicone tape around the perimeter
  • can be washed at temperatures not exceeding 30°C
Light box size New print price (including VAT)
100×200 cm 115.00 EUR
100×250 cm 125.00 EUR
200×200 cm 165.00 EUR
200×250 cm 190.00 EUR
300×250 cm 270.00 EUR