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Set – X Pop-up light box and table BIG QUICK LED

The products can also be purchased separately.

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Table BIG QUICK LED – Open here

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Set – X Pop-up light box and table BIG QUICK LED is the perfect combination for practical people who value their time. Perfect for exhibitions and presentations, stands out for quick and tool-free assembly. The product structures are designed as pop-up systems, which allow them to be installed and assembled in one fluid movement. No additional tools or instructions are required.

On the sides of the frame of the light box X Pop-up are installed LEDs that provide accurate print lighting. For an even better effect, the stand has a backlit type material. It provides good light dispersion, resulting in an even illumination of the print. The print is made using the sublimation technique. It is not only ecological, but also a very accurate method. The light box can be reprinted, so if the brand’s visual identity changes over time, you simply need to purchase a new print.

Size: 100×200 cm

Presentation table BIG QUICK LED with textile print – can be assembled with one touch of the hand – pressed on the table top. Along with the LED lighting, the BIG QUICK design also incorporates a hydraulic mechanism that ensures super quick and easy preparation of the table for work. It remains to lift the upper surface of the table and in less than 10 seconds it will be almost ready for use! It remains to connect the power unit integrated in the table to the outlet. The textile print is attached to the upper and lower surface of the table thanks to the silicone tape wrapped around the perimeter of the print.

Size: 80x100x50 cm