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One system, a range of options, full freedom of action

mFrame is a modern and innovative exhibition stand construction system. It provides everything you need most, creating the perfect solution for the exhibition – convenience in configuration and creative freedom! Why mFrame? Everything is simple! It is an easy-to-assemble, fully customizable and reusable system. Its basic design is based on a simple and collapsible frame + interchangeable module concept. It is extremely easy to adapt to the dimensions of a room of any size.

Almost all elements of the mFrame system are made of aluminum, which ensures their increased strength and reduces the total weight of the stand. In front of the “skeleton” of the profile frame, visualizations printed on PVC plates or other polymer materials are strengthened.

Without losing comfort and mobility. You can assemble the entire mFrame system piece by piece. This greatly simplifies transportation and storage. And when necessary, you will easily assemble your stand in any desired configuration, moreover – without tools. The limits of your imagination = the limits of your possibilities

━ Accessories

Widely adaptable with a range of accessories created especially for mFrame - LED lighting, TV holders, shelves, hooks, etc

━ Stand inventory

We will help you find the most suitable interior elements and accessories for the design of your exhibition stand.

━ LED solutions

Lack of brightness? If you are not convinced that mFrame is the right solution for you, we can offer you a look at our LED light stands.

━ Exhibition floor

As silly as it may seem, raising the floor surface is one of the solutions that helps your brand to be remembered... and elegantly hides the jungle of wires

━ Ceiling advertising

Our offer includes a wide range of hanging solutions that will help draw attention to your brand - textile frame constructions, light boxes, etc.

━ Additional services

From the estimate to the delivery of the stand back to your warehouse - we can provide a full-cycle service to make your experience of visiting exhibitions comfortable and painless.


Our team will implement your exhibition stand design project based on your wishes and instructions.


We will provide you with detailed information on the scope of potential costs, based on your wishes, already at the very beginning of the project.


We ensure the availability of a professional assembly team anywhere in the world.


We will find the most suitable solution to bring your exhibition stand exactly where you need it.

Modular exhibition stands are, without a doubt, the most relevant solution in the advertising industry at the moment. These types of systems are a long-term investment in raising your brand awareness, not just a one-time purchase. Thus, by investing in reusable exhibition stands, you not only save your company’s advertising budget, but also promote sustainable resource use and environmental protection.