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Modular exhibition stand system - Multiframe

About Multiframe

Experience is the most essential part of modern marketing

Multiframe = MIX MAX is the result of the interaction of many years of experience and passionate professional fanaticism. Thanks to this, we have arrived at a modern, modular system of exhibition stands, which provides the opportunity for almost everyone to create voluminous and noticeable stands at their events. Our offer is an innovative product that combines simplicity and freedom in assembly and a high-quality final product.

Why choose us?

Advertising solutions that keep up with the times are our everything! For almost 15 years, we have been providing thousands of companies – both in Latvia and abroad – with the highest quality visual advertising elements.

And the experience of the MIX MAX team is not limited to our de iure age. We know very well that standing out from the competition is not an easy task. Especially in such a saturated environment. That’s why we are ready to come to the rescue and put our knowledge to use to help develop and implement the most suitable advertising design for your company’s needs. And there is no weight or need for only a flyer or a bulky exhibition stand. We will help you design it so that your advertising message is felt by everyone!

Our Multiframe system is easy to assemble, reusable and quickly adaptable to different exhibition space configurations. The fact that textile prints are used in the design of the stand makes it especially handy. This significantly reduces the total weight of the stand and minimizes complications when planning its transportation. One thoughtfully purchased Multiframe set can serve your company’s needs for many years, and if necessary, it can be supplemented with similar parts to expand the area of ​​the existing stand.

━ Modular

Multiframe's modular design allows each user to change the composition of the stand and use different configurations based on the needs of the moment. The system is easy to assemble and convenient to move.

━ Thoughtful

It is possible to integrate a space in the stand that can serve as a small storage room or a dressing room. All edges of the room are covered with textile prints, ensuring privacy, and the door can be equipped with a lock.

━ Practical

The Multiframe offer includes a wide selection of different types and sizes of product placement systems - shelves, hooks, hangers, etc.

━ Addable

Thanks to the adaptability of the system, it is possible to inconspicuously integrate and strengthen most models of TVs and digital displays, whose VESA dimensions do not exceed 400x300, in Multiframe stands.

━ Noticeable

Stands can be equipped with external lighting. 116W LED lamps are available in the offer, which can be connected in a single circuit, thus reducing the number of electrical ports needed for the needs of the stand.

━ Handy

All Multiframe stands are supplied with handy and durable transport bags. Offered 16 profile section bag without wheels or 8 profile section bag with wheels.


Our team will implement your exhibition stand design project based on your wishes and instructions.


We will provide you with detailed information on the scope of potential costs, based on your wishes, already at the very beginning of the project.


We ensure the availability of a professional assembly team anywhere in the world.


We will find the most suitable solution to bring your exhibition stand exactly where you need it.

Modular exhibition stands are, without a doubt, the most relevant solution in the advertising industry at the moment. These types of systems are a long-term investment in raising your brand awareness, not just a one-time purchase. Thus, by investing in reusable exhibition stands, you not only save your company’s advertising budget, but also promote sustainable resource use and environmental protection.

Multiframe can serve your advertising needs for many years and can be quickly configured according to the needs of a specific event – remodel from a U-shaped stand to an L-shaped one, etc. – as well as supplement with new elements and informative prints.

Multiframe assembly