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Artificial grass Yacina

Yacina Artificial Grass – Artificial grass can be a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for many locations and situations, offering a number of advantages over natural grass.

The width of the material is 2 m. The minimum cutting step is 0.5 m.

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30,25 €25,00 + PVN

* The price is indicated for 1m2.

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Artificial grass Yacina – Artificial grass offers several advantages that make it an attractive alternative to natural grass. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Low maintenance costs : Artificial grass does not require regular mowing, watering, fertilizing or weed control, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and time consumption.
  • Weather resistance : Artificial grass maintains its appearance throughout the year, regardless of the weather. It is not subject to drought, excessive moisture or cold, which can damage natural grass.
  • Long-term investment : While initial installation costs may be higher, artificial turf pays off in the long run with lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.
  • Ecological impact : Artificial grass does not require the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, which can be harmful to the environment. It also reduces water consumption, which is especially important in drought conditions.
  • Aesthetics : Artificial grass looks green and well-maintained throughout the year, providing an attractive and uniform visual appearance.
  • Versatility : It can be used in a variety of conditions and locations such as sports fields, playgrounds, courtyards, rooftops and terraces.
  • Hypoallergenic : Artificial grass does not produce pollen or other allergens that could cause allergic reactions in humans.
  • Safety : Modern artificial grass materials are designed to be safe for both children and pets. They are soft and do not cause injury in case of falls.
  • Resistance to intensive use : Artificial grass is suitable for places with heavy loads and intensive use, such as sports fields or areas with high traffic.

*If you want artificial grass for an event, exhibition or private party, then contact us . We will provide more detailed information on pricing.