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Inflatable tent Air Premium

Ready for delivery within 21 days

The Air Premium inflatable tent is a fixed pressure tent designed to provide superior comfort and functionality for all types of outdoor events. Event tents with printing allow you to more effectively improve brand recognition and increase interest in your stand – it will definitely stand out from the competition. Whether you are organizing weddings, corporate events, festivals or picnics, the marquee will provide excellent protection against adverse weather conditions and create a pleasant and stylish environment for your guests.
It is easy to install without additional tools. Simply plug the structure into the power supply and within minutes the air will automatically fill the structure. Once the tent is set up, there is no need for a permanent power connection.
The construction is made of reinforced polyester and zigzag stitching. In addition, the seams have a protective coating, which further extends the life of the tent. High quality materials guarantee durability and weather resistance.
The tent is available in four sizes, as well as in various packages. In the simplest configuration, the tent has a frame and a roof, but it is possible to add walls to create an enclosed or semi-enclosed tent. The price of Air Premium tents varies depending on their size and configuration.
The polyester fabric used in our tents is waterproof, so the prints are durable and not damaged by moisture or other influences – including UV radiation.


  • inflatable spider type structure;
  • the design maintains a constant pressure at all times;
  • the tent does not need to be connected to an air compressor (power supply);
  • each leg has valves for filling/deflating the tent;
  • the design has special safety and pressure equalization valves;
  • assembly and disassembly do not require any tools;
  • printing in any color on waterproof polyester fabric;
  • reusable system, possibility to use several prints on one design.

Dimensions and weight:
3×3 – 330x330x260 – 15kg
4×4 – 400x400x290 – 17kg
5×5 – 480x480x330 -22kg
6×6 – 580x580x380 – 25 kg