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For processing banners – we offer to buy various products intended for processing advertising materials. In this category you will find rivets, riveters, and other accessories that will facilitate the processing of advertising banners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hole punch for rivets

A colander is needed to prepare the place for the rivet. The hole is placed in the place where we will insert the rivet later and hit on its end with a special or ordinary hammer.
Holes are available in several diameters.

We recommend using the colander with a special hammer.

Rivets galvanized

one of the most popular rivets in the market of promotional materials. Lightly matte, visually inconspicuous and universally applicable to all kinds of visual advertising solutions.

Plastic rivets

  • Designed for use in all types of materials (PVC banners, all types of textiles, foam cardboard, etc.);
  • Rust-proof, moisture-resistant rivets;
  • Environmentally friendly material, does not contain PVC, is recyclable, UV safe;

Riveter – for plastic rivets

Riveter for plastic rivets – Portable, designed for 12 mm diameter rivets

  • Metal construction that does not crack or break;
  • Manual insertion of rivets with one stroke;
  • The device is stable, no additional strengthening is required;
  • Weighs only 5 kg, mobile, easy to process even large banners.

+200 transparent studs FOR FREE!

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Pad for fixing rivets

Pad for driving rivets – Conditions are not always perfect with a large smooth surface to drive rivets. That is why we have the opportunity to purchase a mobile pad for fastening rivets. This pad is designed to be placed under the material into which the rivet will be embedded. The PVC block should be placed directly under the place where the rivet is intended. Available in several sizes.


The special hammer is designed to make it possible to fasten the rivet to the required surface as easily and as qualitatively as possible. The hammer protects the surface of the riveter as well as the surface of the punch. The hammer can also be used for other surfaces and elements so as not to damage the surface.

We offer 2 types:

  • S – 1000 gr.
  • M – 1500 gr.

In addition, it is possible to purchase spare hammer sleeves.

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Hammer sleeve

The hammer sleeve helps protect the surface from scratches.

We offer two types of hammer sleeves:

  • S – 1000 gr. for the hammer
  • M – 1500 gr. for the hammer