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T-shirt printing

T-shirt printing and design – We will design and print a T-shirt according to your wishes. We offer Men’s T-shirts, Women’s T-shirts and Children’s T-shirts. You can view the latest designs here. You can choose a shirt of any color, size, as well as a graphic image that will be embedded in or on the fabric. We also offer the development of a unique design for T-shirts, including with the company logo or event symbols. Feel free to call or send an application.

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How much does it cost to print a T-shirt – The price is determined by various factors. If you come with your own, already purchased T-shirt, the price will be lower, because only the printing service itself will be calculated. The price of graphics transfer depends on the size of the image. We also have the opportunity to view various techniques for transferring graphics onto a shirt. The price is calculated individually for each shirt.

Ideas for men’s shirt designs

Ideas for women’s shirt designs

Ideas for children’s shirt designs

+371 25 540 877