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UV printing

UV Printing – This printing technology is a type of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light. As the printer dispenses the ink onto the printed surface, the UV lamps dry the ink immediately. UV rays were originally used in beauty care, and ultraviolet light bulbs were used for industrial and commercial purposes. The sizes in which it is possible to print with a UV printer are practically unlimited. If you want to see the samples in person, feel free to visit, as well as call or write an application.

uv druka

The UV printer provides the possibility to print on thicker surfaces. This quality printed output makes the new printer an excellent companion to our existing production capabilities. UV flatbed printers currently offer the latest printing technologies on the market. Using this technology, we offer our customers the best solutions. One of the main advantages of UV printing is freedom! What do we mean by that? It is possible to print practically any material and object:

  • glass
  • mirrors
  • tree
  • door
  • metal
  • paper
  • polycarbonate
  • plastic
  • various subjects
  • etc.
+371 25 540 877