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Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands – We specialize in manufacturing various types of structures. There are often situations, wishes and spaces where it is not possible to adapt standard billboards or other constructions. That is why we offer individual solutions. We have a lot of experience in the production of exhibition stands and their assembly. Feel free to call us or send us an application.

izstazu stendu izgatavosana

Mobile billboards – During the long period of operation, we have provided many companies and individuals with the opportunity to implement the most daring ideas related to the design and construction of billboards. We are a friendly company and with us it is possible to optimize costs in the creation of billboards. Just as clothing fashion, accessory fashion and everything else changes, so do trends in the advertising industry. New ideas for advertising design and presentation are generated every day around the world. The Mix Max team follows the world level, and also develops innovative “concepts” in advertising design and presentation.

Production of billboards – Billboards are designed for various business sectors and their types are countless. We offer one of the widest ranges of goods in Latvia. We offer full-cycle advertising billboard production. If you have an idea or specific information about the event, then we will analyze based on the information you provide to offer the best solution. We will create a design sample or several for your stand, and if necessary, also a 3D visualization, and in the end we will make the advertising stand itself.

In shape
Production of advertising stands – Advertising stands are used in various events and places (shops, shopping centers, bars), and are also designed so that the information in them is comprehensive and useful. Billboards tend to look different and come in different sizes. Forms of stands are usually selected based on the theme of the event or event, as well as the area of ​​the specific room is taken into account.

Production of advertising stands – Stands can be made from different types of materials – They are thicker, thinner, transparent, matte, glossy, etc. The options are very wide, but how were they reflected in the design? It is important that the selected billboard material matches the design of the billboard, so that it qualitatively reflects the chosen colors and their intensity, and the layout of the information.

Exhibition stands – Once the shape and material of the advertising stand have been chosen, it’s time to work on the design. All you need is an idea. Come to us, call or write. Tell us your ideas, as well as the desired result, and our team of designers will provide you with the most suitable solution with a successful end result.

+371 25 540 877