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Car wrapping

Car wrapping and sticker design development – Idea generation and design creation takes place according to your wishes and requirements. The designer uses a variety of techniques to realize this. Various graphic elements are used, such as lines, graphic drawings, image processing, combinations of different colors and color transitions. As well as placing the necessary logos. The creation of the visualization takes place on the photos of the vehicle sent by you from different angles in order to give the maximum idea of ​​the result.

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Car wrapping – Once the design is created, the layout is developed. This is a complex and precise process, during the creation of which is also thought about the most suitable use of the material. The adhesive film and its processing techniques are very diverse – different colored car films, printable car films, reflective, fluorescent, metallic, mirror films and even luminescent and magnetic films. When gluing the vehicle, the specialists will take care of the exact placement of the design on the vehicle, as well as the execution of high-quality work, paying attention to the smallest detail and nuance. When wrapping a car, two execution options are offered – full wrapping of the vehicle and partial wrapping.

1. Wrapping of the entire vehicle – wraps the entire vehicle, either for the purpose of changing colors or for wrapping a design. In such cases, special car films with high resistance are used. In some cases, also other types of adhesive films, adjusted to the customer’s wishes

2. Partial wrapping of road transport – a partial design or the necessary information is placed, where a variety of adhesive films are used, adjusted to the customer’s wishes.

+371 25 540 877