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Screw piles for foundations and flagpoles

Screw piles for foundations and flagpoles – Screw piles have a very wide range of uses. They can be used in all types of soil – sandy, peaty, clayey soil and in areas with a high water level. Thanks to high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel S235, screw pile foundations are stable and safe. Feel free to call or write an application. Additional information: https://pamatubuve.lv/

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Their treatment with the hot-dip galvanizing method ensures a long service life of the screw piles. Screw piles can be installed anywhere, without damaging tree roots, soil, or already cultivated lawns or greenery.

Screw piles not only replace traditional concrete foundations, but they are useful for building large and long structures, such as paths and terraces. Each screw pile has been tested for quality and safety before sale.

+371 25 540 877